My Thoughts on Therapy 

Therapy is an incredible tool that can help you create long-lasting change in your life.  It is empowering and even thrilling to learn how to take control of yourself, your situation, and your emotional responses.
It's also a pretty weird concept to say to someone, "You have problems. Go sit in front of a complete stranger and tell them the most intimate things about yourself. Don't worry--I can't explain why, but it's helpful."

But it really can be very helpful. It depends on what you're looking for and who you're working with. I've met some amazing people who make me think that this field is incredible for its ability to draw such talent and altruism. I've also met some real whackadoodles (that's the official terminology) who have letters behind their names and seemingly no intuitive understanding of what it means to sit in the therapist chair. Yikes.
Therapy is a daring and amazing adventure, a journey best accomplished with a wise guide who will help you pack the right tools, find the best paths, and avoid the pitfalls. Someone who knows how to use flint to build a fire when it's 10 below and your socks are wet, but also someone who can teach you how to build your own fire.