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About me 

After spending most of my life at either end of California, I’ve relocated to Tennessee, where I now provide telehealth psychotherapy services to residents of Tennessee and California.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from John F. Kennedy University in 2003 with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a specialization in Expressive Arts. I had varied internships post-graduation, both with children, families, and individuals working on various challenges such as parenting, school-preparedness, career challenges, and relationships, and with residential patients recovering from acute mental illness. 

I’ve run a private practice for many years, and have learned over time that a) about 99% of people seeking therapy have either been traumatized, or had a challenging attachment to at least one of their parents, and b) everyone really just wants to learn how to have a peaceful, calm, satisfying, fulfilling life. Literally everyone wants the same thing, because it’s such a wonderful thing to have. Not everyone feels qualified to have it, and some people aren’t sure it exists, but they are, and it does.

Because of my personal and professional experiences, I’m uniquely qualified to help you recover from childhood trauma. I’ve survived childhood sexual assault, neglect, and emotional abuse. I’ve also learned as an adult how to break the pattern of seeking the “comfortable familiar” (abusive, neglectful partners) and create a healthy, happy life for myself within a loving family (which of course includes lots of dogs).

I know what it’s like to suppress (and repress) your trauma. I know what it feels like to doubt what you know. I understand how to dissociate in an instant, and why you might do it. I know what it’s like to fill your life with anything, to avoid the painful chaos of having too much internal space. I have lived the feeling of wanting to be close and needing to push away at the same time. I’ve walked many lonely, painful miles in shoes that didn’t fit, until my feet were chafed and blistered, genuinely believing someday I’d have a true home and something good to share.

I also know how ambivalent we can be toward our own needs, and how easy it is to be determined to make a change, and then withdraw from everything the next day.

The legacy of trauma is well known for its power to pull you under, like a riptide. I myself fought that tide for decades, until I remembered we’re supposed to calmly swim parallel to the shore. Then I spent years swimming. Eventually I managed to make it back to shore, and I brought some treasures from the deep I’m willing to share with anyone who, like me, is maybe feeling tired of fighting the tide and just wants a life that probably looks the same as it did before, but feels vastly better.

I believe in being compassionate and curious, toward myself and everything and everyone around me. I’m not afraid to ask questions and I enjoy learning new things every day. I love spending time with clients willing to do the same, eager to learn and grow and find their true self.

Clients who actively, assertively participate in therapy create within themselves a personal revolution, which then creates wondrous opportunities to deeply shift the ground they stand on.

Are you ready to shake out your truth?

Are you ready to fully accept and love yourself?

Are you ready to try?

I’m here. 

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