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“Do you take health insurance?”

The short answer is, not anymore. I am a fully private pay practice. The long answer is, I was an in-network provider for a very long time, and I strongly believe that managed care is not in the best interest of the practitioner, nor the client. It severely underpays providers, compromises confidentiality and it can interfere with the setting of proper goals for clients, who can only be treated, according to insurance, for certain diagnoses. Many clients have serious challenges requiring treatment but do not fall under any clear diagnostic category and therefore cannot use their insurance to pay for therapy. Staying out of the insurance network allows me to better maintain my professional integrity and ethical guidelines, which means a better experience for you. 

“Can you still bill my insurance, though?”

No, BUT...I am happy to provide you with  receipts, which you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Caution—this is absolutely not a guarantee of reimbursement. I do not provide superbills. You should talk with your insurance provider about things like your annual in-network and out-of-network deductibles to determine whether or not working with an out-of-network provider is the best choice for you. The benefit of going out-of-network may be more privacy and more flexible treatment, but the cost can often be higher payments and little chance of reimbursement, depending on your plan. 

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