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I offer psychotherapeutic services to lots of different people who all basically want the same thing…they want a peaceful life free from emotional pain.

I’m a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP-II) and the focus of my work is to help you achieve your goals by reducing the power the past has on your present.

If you’ve ever said “A part of me really wants to go, but another part just wants to stay home,” or “Part of me loves her but another part just wants to end this mess,” then you’ll understand my main approach to therapy, which is something called “parts work.”

Every human is a complex being, one who has often had to “break off” and try to ignore parts of their true self in order to survive terrible abuse, neglect, and unavailable or terrifying caregivers.

We’re all pretty good at surviving! But sometimes as adults we end up acting out our trauma over and over in ways we don’t realize, even though the danger is gone and we’re safe. Parts of our mind linger in the past and control us in the present. 

Have you ever overreacted to someone or something? For example, have you ever become really upset when a driver tailgates you, or refuses to let you merge? Did you start fuming and criticizing their lack of skills, and decide they were selfish, thoughtless, stupid or even worse?? Did it take a few minutes, or even longer, to calm back down? That’s a great (and pretty common!) example of being highjacked by one of your parts from the past

One of our goals in therapy will be the reconnection, of all these parts, so that you no longer feel hostage to the parts that want to die, or the parts that want to stay in bed for days, or the parts that make you scream with anger, or the part that makes you question what the point of your life is. All these parts, no matter what they’re struggling with, can be helped.

Psychotherapy is an incredibly valuable undertaking that is defined by commitment for, and compassion toward, your true self. When there has been childhood trauma, therapy is a reunion of yourself with yourself.

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